The Donovan School, together with families and the community, will inspire, challenge, and empower each student to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values to become a responsible and caring citizen in a diverse society.


The Margaret L. Donovan Elementary School is a vibrant learning community that serves children from kindergarten through grade five. The Donovan School supports an inclusive philosophy of learning, offering diverse classes, flexible instructional groups, and support services which are designed to meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles. Classroom teachers collaborate in grade level teams to develop curriculum, share instructional strategies, analyze data, and review current research. Additionally, specialists work closely with classroom teachers to provide related services in Special Education, Title 1, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education. Students also receive specialized instruction in Art, Music, Media/Library, and Physical Education on a weekly basis.

Margaret L. Donovan

M.L. Donovan

Margaret L. Donovan was born on December 11, 1905, the daughter of Joseph M. Donovan (a shoemaker) and Katherine E. (Gibbons) Donovan. She was one of nine children and grew up on Cottage Street. Margaret attended Randolph Public Schools, including Prescott School and Stetson High School class of 1922. She also attended Bridgewater Normal School (today’s Bridgewater State University).

Miss Donovan was hired to teach the fifth grade at the Prescott School. In 1932, Miss Donovan was transferred to the newly constructed Devine School as the principal. For 17 years, she gained a reputation for her character and her loyalty and faith to her students and teachers. Thus, it was a heavy blow to the school system when Margaret Donovan passed away unexpectedly in 1949.

During the1950’s, Randolph’s population continued to grow dramatically, causing the need to build a new school. When a new elementary school was built on Reed Street in 1962, it was appropriate that it should be named for this remarkably talented and devoted teacher.