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Welcome to Margaret L. Donovan School

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at the Donovan School!  A new year means a lot of exciting new experiences for the students, families and staff.  We strongly encourage family members with ideas, questions or concerns to contact the school so that we can better serve you.  We work hard to develop interesting, engaging and challenging learning opportunities for the students – we expect their full effort and hard work.  The most successful school experiences result from families working directly with the school to shape the learning experience and the direction of the school. As we continue to work for increases in academic gains and social emotional development of our students, it is clear that only the combination of all of our skills & effort will result in the growth we want for the children. 


Throughout every day, in our classrooms, grade level meetings and school assemblies we use a centering focus to set the tone for the building.   We are very fortunate as a school to have very creative and intelligent students that we work to challenge and I asked them to accept the challenge of higher expectations, but an important part of accepting a challenge is self-evaluation and goal setting.  With this in mind, we focus on the power of the words ‘NOT YET’.  We know as adults, that we often need to keep working toward a goal and that it might not happen on the first try.  We want to challenge students to consider the power of the words “NOT YET”. Our school quote focuses on promoting PERSEVERANCE:

“Challenges are merely things which we have NOT YET learned. The ability to achieve the goal is due more in effort and perseverance than in talent.”

We hope you will speak with your students about setting goals for this school year and working with effort to achieve it.


Beth Gannon


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